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October Update

October Update

Sunday, October 29, 2023

FD3S Wiring Bible and Eunos Cosmo Navigation

Gomen ne for the lack of updates since March. It has been quite busy getting the FD3S Wiring Bible prepared for assembly. Writing new, unified descriptions of each part, connector, etc. Combing through the massive number of connectors to find the best example of each one, drawing new ones whenever needed, and so on. It should be finished by the end of the year.

Also, I've been doing some preliminary work on the Eunos Cosmo CCS Navigation Disc to lay the groundwork for deciphering it. Documenting what has been identified, what needs more information to pin down, etc. It's slow progress, but decrypting a "monolithic" architecture is always kind of challenging. Fortunately, the overall structure is similar to a few others that I've successfully modified years ago. Once the other projects are finished, I can give this my full attention.

Last, I've been writing a few guides and procedures to help new RHD owners address things that would logically come up in the first month of ownership.

All of this has necessitated a few upgrades for efficiency, as it is rather difficult to keep track of nearly 20 windows simultaneously. All that is missing is a Psycommu Interface, or maybe the Zero System :P

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